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Children's Program

“Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.’”

Matthew 19:14

Sunday School

9:30 am               Sunday Worship Service
9:45 am               Children’s Sunday School – the children go after Children’s Time during the service
10:30 am             Fellowship and coffee
10:45 am             Adult Sunday School

Preschool-5th grade: Bible stories really sink in with the rotations stations teaching. Children move through different learning stations, one for each week with various teachers. In the first week, a Bible story is introduced. Then stories are explored through art, cooking, games, drama or puppets, science, or songs/videos to explore the story from many angles for deeper, more engaged learning.

Middle School and High School Devo: At times they help with the rotation stations and other times they meet for their own study, mission, and social activities.

Mission Possible: Young Adults: This group is team-led. They provide support and give energy to the mission activities, family life activities, and children activities throughout the life of the church.

Child Care

We offer a range of options for families in addition to our Sunday worship service.

  • Nursery: For infants up to 2 years old.
  • Toddler Room: For children ages 2 years old through Kindergarten.

Click below For more information on our worship service or how to use your God-given talents during the service.

Special Events
Vacation Bible School

Our VBS program is a fun way for children, 4 years old to 5th grade, to learn about Jesus while playing games, making crafts, listening to stories, and so much more!

Vacation Bible School is an evening program that typically runs in late July or early August. We offer a station approach where the children move in groups between a Bible story center, a Theme center, Games, Snack, and Art Center.  We have an excellent volunteer to child ratio: about 1:1. A fun time is had by all.

Light Supper is offered 5:30-6:00 p.m. Vacation Bible School Program is held 6:00-8:30 p.m. VBS is typically held the first full week of August. For more information, please call 237-9330.

Meet our Children’s Staff

Our Staff

Director of Christian Education: Rose Park (Staff)

Nursery – Juanita Zug, Laura Coyne Steel, Kris Guisewite, Rose Park, Judy Kennedy, Brigitt Leitzel (sub) (When needed)

Toddler Room – Lori Dundon, Ginger Swanger (sub)

Early Elementary(Preschool through 2nd Grade) – Rose Park, Teacher

Music—Rick Swanger

Teens—Kris Guisewite, Teacher

Mission Possible & Young Adult Study Group – Team Led

Education Advisory Board (Brainstorm new ideas for programming several times a year)

Education Director Rose Park
Lori Dundon
Kris Guisewite
Judy Kennedy
Andrea Lies
Ginger Swanger
Amy Lawrence

Commission on Family Life

Chairperson* Kris Guisewhite
Lori Dundon, Melissa Mason, Ginger and Rick Swanger, Joanna Shuey, Laura Steel