Adult Sunday School


Adult Sunday School:

Are you looking for an interactive Sunday school experience where you get a chance to decide what we study? Then this is the Sunday school for you! The adults decide on the subjects for study which is led by a variety of leaders to guide the discussion. We utilize books and videos to make learning engaging.

There are three new Adult Sunday school topics for you to plug into. All are invited to attend and participate in the Adult Sunday school classes. To learn more, check out the weekly Sunday bulletin.

Review of the books of the Old Testament and learn how the effect your life today. Grant Walker, Phil Taylor, and Tony Lentz will guide this group through a review of each Old Testament book, discussing who wrote the book, who the intended audience was, who the main characters are, and the overall theme of each Old Testament book.

Mission Possible: Young Adults

This group is a team led effort to provide support and give energy to the mission activities, family life
activities, and children activities throughout the life of the church.

Education Advisory Board

Education Director Rose Park

Lori Dundon
Kris Guisewite
Judy Kennedy
Andrea Lies
Ginger Swanger
Tony Lentz