Sunday Schools

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Sunday School

Sunday School

Preschool-4th grade: Bible stories really sink in with children when they are taught in an engaging way. Children move through various leaning stations and teachers to provide a engaging, Christ-centered lesson each week. They will explore stories through art, cooking, games, drama, puppet shows, science, songs, and so much more! Best of all its all combined into a living-faith experience that helps children discover what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.

5th-8th grade (Jr. Devo): Connect the dots with our Correct curriculum. An engaging story told through videos, Bible exploration, and hands-on projects will have your kids coming back for more.

9th-12th grade (Sr. Devo): Take a tour around the world of missions and deep Biblical study with a rotating curriculum selected by the group each year.

Adult Sunday School:

There are three new Adult Sunday school topics for you to plug into. All are invited to attend and participate in the Adult Sunday school classes. To learn more, check out the weekly Sunday bulletin.

1. The Adult Sunday school will be studying of the book “The Prodigal God” by Timothy Keller. This study will be led by Phil Taylor.

2. Judy Kennedy is planning a three part special study concerning Homosexuality and the church. Come discuss three key aspects surrounding the debate:

  • Session 1. Understanding the General Conference decision.
  • Session 2. What the Bible says about Homosexuality.
  • Session 3. Hearing her story.

3. Review of the books of the Old Testament and learn how the effect your life today. Grant Walker will guide this group through a review of each Old Testament book, discussing who wrote the book, who the intended audience was, who the main characters are, and the overall theme of each Old Testament book.

Meet our Staff

Nursery – Kris Guisewite, Judy Kennedy, Brigitt Leitzel, Rose Park, Juanita Zug.
Toddler Room – Lori Dundon, Jennifer Fisher (sub), Sorcha Dundon (assistant)

Early Elementary(Preschool through 2nd Grade) – Rose Park, Sherry Slaterbeck (sub), Alicia Lentz (sub)
JR High Dēvo – Teens (grades 5-8)– Kris Guisewite, Sherry Slaterbeck (sub), Alicia Lentz (Sub)
SR High Dēvo – Teens (grades 9-12)– Judy Kennedy, Jennifer Ashcraft

Mission Possible & Young Adult Study Group – Team Led
Adults – Tony Lentz

Education Advisory Board

This dedicated group meets multiple times each year to design programs and brainstorm curriculum.

  • Rev. Paul Amara
  • Rose Park – Education Director
  • Lori Dundon
  • Kris Guisewite
  • Andrea Lies
  • Judy Kennedy