Park Forest Organ
The Holtkamp Organ

The Holtkamp Organ was built in 1965 by the Holtkamp Organ Company of Cleveland, Ohio as their Opus #1793. The Holtkamp Company won an architectural award for t aesthetic features and its creative incorporation into an existing space. The Holtkamp Company has long been considered one of America’s top designers and builders of pipe organs, and the Holtkamp Organ showcases exactly why. The organ originally commissioned by the Penn State University class of 1938 during its 25th anniversary class reunion, and it was dedicated in 1966, and later renovated in 2005. It now resides in Park Forest Village UMC after it’s sale in 2017.

This storied organ, combined with the beautiful choir music led by nationally-known conductor, Graham Sanders, makes this worship service something you won’t want to miss.

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